TV Education – level 3

01-11-2019 07:00

Real-life stories turned into television (TV) stories are captivating TV audiences. New mainstream shows are about educating people about difficult subjects.

This is instead of entertaining them. Education TV shows usually makes you think of documentaries, cooking shows, children’s shows, or the shows on the Discovery Channel.

However, the idea of turning true difficult stories into TV shows goes back to the 1970s when the show “Roots” was on TV. It was about American slavery.

A TV director said that “Roots” showed people the awful truth about slavery. It made them rethink their preconceived stereotypes.

This is happening now. In 2019, people are using the Netflix show “Unbelievable” to find out more about unsolved rapes.

These shows from real life are winning awards, and more TV companies are continuing to make them.

Difficult words: captivate (to be very interesting), mainstream (common, well-known), preconceived stereotype (an idea that someone already had about another person or a group of people).

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