UK Leaves EU – level 3

07-02-2020 07:00

The UK officially left the EU last Friday at 11:00 PM local time. The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, said that Brexit was a beginning to a “stunning success.”

Negotiations to get to this point took three and a half years, three prime ministers in office, and three deadline extensions.

There will be an 11-month transition period for Britain to break away from the EU. The UK will still operate under EU laws, but its representatives will leave the European Parliament. The UK will then create laws to break apart from the bloc, but the UK or the EU have wiggle room to extend the transition period for up to two years “if both sides agree.”

Travel through the UK and Europe may change in 2021.

Difficult words: operate under (to follow the laws or rules), bloc (a very large group of many many groups), wiggle room (the ability to make changes).

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