US Peace Plan – level 3

10-02-2020 07:00

The EU has rejected the Trump Administration’s new plan for peace in the Middle East. The EU’s foreign policy chief called the plan unworkable because it could lead to Israel annexing Palestinian territory.

Last September, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, announced a plan to annex a large part of the Jordan Valley region to Israel.

This infuriated Palestinians because the territory is critical to the security of Palestine. EU officials said that the peace plan endorses Israeli expansion, and they worry about worsening problems in the area. The leader of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas, rejected the plan and called it a nonsense.

The Trump Administration has urged Netanyahu to delay the vote to annex the territory until after Israel’s presidential elections in March.

Difficult words: annex (to take a piece of land or a country by force), infuriate (to make angry), endorse (to officially support).

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