Why people have hair – level 3

15-03-2024 07:00

The question of why humans have hair on their heads beyond aesthetic concerns has intrigued many.

While we’ve evolved to lose body fur, our hairy scalps serve a practical purpose. Christian Skorik, a lab scientist and biologist, explains that hair protects the brain, acting as insulation in cold and preventing overheating in heat. It also absorbs sweat, shields from UV rays, and functions as a sensory whiskers. Hair might have played a role in sexual selection historically, but in modern life, alternatives like hats provide similar benefits.

Thus, while hair isn’t vital, it serves various important functions.

Difficult words: aesthetic (concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty), intrigue (to puzzle), vital (necessary).

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What are some practical purposes that hair on our heads serves, according to lab scientist and biologist Christian Skorik?


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