Women Enter Hindu Temple – level 3

11-01-2019 07:00

In September, the Indian Supreme Court stopped a rule that said that women of menstruating age (10 to 50 years old) could not enter temples. In the Hindu religion, women who menstruate are unclean and cannot be part of religious rituals.

Some people said that the Supreme Court attacked Hinduism by changing this rule.

Since the change of the rule, many women attempted to enter one important temple, but protesters blocked them. However, two 40-year old women entered the temple with two police officers who protected them.

In one town, women created a 400-mile human wall to protest against discrimination.

Difficult words: menstruate (a woman’s body has blood flow out of it each month if she does not get pregnant), temple (a church in India), discrimination (when people treat you differently if you are male or female).

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