World’s largest marine reptile – level 1

24-04-2024 07:00

A British girl and her dad find a big fossil on a beach in Somerset, England. It is a jawbone.

Scientists say that it is from a big sea creature. It is called Ichthyotitnan severensis. It lives 202 million years ago. It is about 22 to 26 meters long. It is as big as today’s blue whale.

Scientists find another fossil in 2016. These fossils help us understand sea life millions of years ago. We know that many different animals live in the sea at that time. But around 201 million years ago, a catastrophe kills them all.

Difficult words: fossil (a very old part of an animal or plant which we find in the ground), jawbone (a bone in our skull which moves when we eat or speak), catastrophe (an event which hurts many people or animals).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

"What significant event or change occurred 201 million years ago that led to the extinction of many sea animals, as discovered through the fossils found in Somerset, England?"


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