Young people lose hearing – level 2

28-03-2024 15:00

British scientists published a study about people 12 to 34 years old; the study said that more than 1 billion of them had hearing problems.

Many young people complain about nonstop ringing in their ears. Hearing tests show no problems, but when doctors repeat the test some years later, the hearing is worse. The main reasons are headphones, concerts, and restaurants where the sounds are too loud for too long. The sound damages the cells in the inner ear, and once this damage happens, you cannot change it.

Scientists say that the safe limit for our ears is 85 decibels over a 40-hour work week. 85 decibels are the sound of a blender, while 100 decibels are the sound of a train. We can also suddenly lose our hearing when we experience a very loud noise just once.

Difficult words: cell (the smallest part in the human body), decibel (the unit which people use to measure loudness), blender (an electric mixing machine).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

What are some common activities and environments that can lead to hearing problems for young people, according to British scientists?


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