Anwar Ibrahim Speaks – level 3

24-05-2018 07:00

Anwar Ibrahim is Malaysia’s reformist icon, and police released him from jail after the prime minister asked for a royal pardon.

During a press conference, Ibrahim told everyone thank you and said that all Malaysians stand ‘by the principles of democracy and freedom.’ He said that the most significant lesson that he learned in jail was the ‘value of freedom’, and he added that the problems in Malaysia must be stopped so that the people will be able to be free.

The prime minister said that he will step down in two years so Ibrahim can take his position.

Difficult words: reformist (a person who wants to make changes in a society or a culture), icon (a person, a thing, a symbol, or an idea of something else), royal pardon (when a king or queen says that someone no longer has to be in jail or in trouble), principle (a rule).

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