Boeing Plane Crashes – level 3

30-10-2019 07:00

In a recent meeting, Indonesian authorities informed the families of the victims of last year’s Boeing 737 Max crash that a systemic design defect caused the crash.

Investigators reported that Boeing did not train its pilots to use a new software called MCAS. They assume that the crash was due to MCAS not working, and the pilots did not understand the warnings of the system and its defects.

Aviation controllers say that a MCAS system for a second accident when a Boeing 737 Max from Ethiopian Airlines also crashed. Boeing then decided to stop all flights worldwide.

On Tuesday, Boeing’s officials dismissed Kevin McAllister, the commercial airplanes division chief who was in charge of the company’s response to the crashes.

The Indonesian National Transportation Safety Committee expects to release the final report on Friday.

Difficult words: systemic design defect (a problem with the way something is made), assume (be of the opinion, suppose), dismiss (send away someone, remove from an employment).

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