Business Deal in North America – level 3

17-12-2019 07:00

House Democrats agreed to approve a new version of the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

Nancy Pelosi, the spokeswoman of the House, announced this during a press conference on Tuesday, and she also said that this trade deal is much better than what was originally proposed by the administration.

Previously, the Democrats were concerned about the deal’s enforcement of environmental standards and labor laws, and they did not want to approve the deal until Mexico improved its legislation to protect workers’ rights. However, in the past days, Mexico and US officials met to negotiate the deal.

If the US government approves the deal, it will replace the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Difficult words: enforcement (the process of making people follow a rule or a law), labor law (a law related to the rights and responsibilities of workers), legislation (laws and rules), replace (to take the place of something else)

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