Dogs Get Married – level 3

15-02-2018 07:00

In Lima, Peru, people held a mass pet wedding ceremony to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and about a dozen canine couples tied the knot at this ceremony. Some dogs wore tuxes and wedding veils for this occasion and there was also a traditional wedding cake.

People hold this Pet Valentine’s event every year to encourage awareness for pet owners to be responsible in caring for their pets. The dogs had a lot of puppy love at this event!

Difficult words: mass (large), canine (relating to dogs), tie the knot (get married), tux (short for ‘tuxedo’ – a formal suit a man wears for a special event), veil (a piece of fabric which is worn in front of the face), encourage awareness (make people know something), puppy love (an intense but not long-lasting romance; also this is a joke as this news was about dogs).

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