Egyptian Elections – level 3

05-04-2018 07:00

In Egypt, the government deployed tens of thousands of soldiers for the presidential elections to provide armed guards at every polling station.

This is to protect the 60 million eligible voters, as militant groups have attacked civilians during voting. The government hopes that the elections will have legitimacy if enough people attend.

The incumbent is President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and people expect him to win, as he has only one contender in the presidential race. People accused Sisi of using coercion to force the other challengers to give up.

Difficult words: deploy (place soldiers or equipment according to a plan), civilian (not a soldier or police officer), legitimacy (legal, official, true), incumbent (a person who is already in an elected position), contender (a person competing against another person and who has a possibility of winning), coercion (convincing someone through violence or other unfriendly ways to stop doing something).

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