Internet in Kashmir – level 3

11-03-2020 07:00

On Wednesday, Indian authorities temporarily restored full Internet access in Kashmir. Seven months ago, India cancelled Kashmir’s status as a semiautonomous state and locked down the region.

People will have Internet services until March 17. Indian authorities did not explain the time limit; however, they described this move as a step towards a normal state in Kashmir.

In August 2019, India’s government withdrew Kashmir’s special rights as the only Muslim-majority state, and it started to heavily restrict the movement of Kashmir’s residents. India also shut down the Internet to put an end to anti-India protests in Kashmir.

India annexed Kashmir to support development in the region. However, Kashmir’s officials said that the lockdown already cost the local economy more than $2.4 billion dollars.

Difficult words: semiautonomous (having its own government but working withing a larger entity), lock down (to not allow people move in or out of a place), withdraw (to take away), annex (to take possession of an area without permission).

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