Leader’s Health – level 3

27-04-2020 07:00

The health of the North Korea leader, Kim Jong-un, is in question.

Kim was last seen publicly at a coronavirus prevention meeting on April 11. South Korean media reported that Kim, who is 36, underwent cardiovascular surgery on April 12. He did not attend his grandfather’s birthday celebration on April 15, which is a major holiday in the country. This contributed to speculations about his health.

According to CNN, the US is seeking more details about Kim’s health, however, there have been conflicting reports, and it is difficult to know if concerns about Kim’s health are real. South Korea officials said that there was no evidence that confirms speculations over Kim’s health, and nothing unusual has been monitored in North Korea so far.

North Korea has been led by the Kim family dynasty since the nation was founded in 1948.

Difficult words: cardiovascular (relating to the heart and blood vessels), conflicting (different or in opposition with one another), dynasty (leaders who belong to the same family and they rule a country for a period of time).

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