Oil Drilling Laws – level 3

10-05-2019 15:00

In 2010 in the USA, a BP oil rig exploded, killing 11 people and leaking four million barrels of oil into the sea. In response, President Obama created stricter oil drilling regulations.

Last week, the Trump Administration announced that it would roll back about 20% of those oil drilling laws, and the changes would take place in two months. It wants to focus on ‘smarter regulations’ that improve America’s energy, economy, and safety.

One of the controversial changes is to allow oil rig operators to hire any inspectors that they want to check their safety equipment instead of only government inspectors.

Some public comments were against the changes, but the administration said that the original rules did not help safety and were too expensive.

Difficult words: oil rig (an installation that drills oil out in the ocean), regulation (a law or a rule that a government puts into place), controversial (making some people want to argue about it).

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