Cancer in space – level 3

20-03-2024 07:00

A groundbreaking experiment involving cancer cells sent to space has revealed startling insights into cancer behavior.

Scientists observed that cancer cells multiplied rapidly in space, tripling in size within just 10 days compared to the 10-year timeframe required on Earth. This unhinged growth is attributed to microgravity, which alters cellular behavior. Researchers focused on the adar1 gene, known for its role in cancer recurrence and resistance to therapy. By genetically manipulating this gene, scientists successfully inhibited cancer cell cloning, suggesting a potential ‘kill switch’ for cancer. A drug called Rebecsinib showed promise in targeting the adar1 gene. Furthermore, astronauts played a vital role in the study, contributing their blood for stem cell analysis.

Although these findings offer hope for cancer treatment, the drug is not yet ready for human use. However, researchers aim to begin clinical trials soon to bring this innovative approach to cancer therapy.

Difficult words: unhinge (to throw into disorder), recurrence (the reappearance of a medical condition after its apparent disappearance), inhibit (to prevent an action or process).

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What role did astronauts play in the groundbreaking experiment involving cancer cells being sent to space?


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