People Get to the Deepest Point on Earth – level 3

16-11-2020 07:00

China’s deep-sea manned submarine ’Striver’ has reached a new world record depth.

The submarine reached the coveted depth of 10,000 meters on its way to the ocean’s deepest point, Challenger Deep, at 10,971 meters which is at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. The three oceanauts on board continued the dive until they reached the bottom of the trench in the Pacific Ocean.

The submersible is equipped with high-beam lights and robotic arms that will gather samples and scour the ocean floor. Its live-stream cameras are capable of streaming footage of the dark depths back to the surface. Its green color was chosen in order to ensure that it was visible at depths that light could not reach.

Difficult words: coveted (desired), oceanaut (someone who works underwater for scientific reasons), submersible (a ship that operates under water), scour (to search thoroughly).

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