Nazi Weather Station – level 1

25-10-2016 15:00 Germany sends 10 scientists to the Arctic. They study weather there. This happens in 1943. It is during World War II. The...

Cat Festival in Tokyo – level 1

20-10-2016 15:00 This news is from Tokyo. A cat festival happens there. People dress up as cats. They paint their faces, wear masks, and put on cat...

Amsterdam in London – level 1

19-10-2016 15:00 EasyJet is an airline. It makes a special tour. You can visit Holland without leaving London. You meet real people and places on the...

Scary Clowns – level 1

14-10-2016 15:00 There is a new trend. People are dressing up as clowns. They are dressing up not as funny clowns but as scary clowns. They scare...

Very Small Pumpkins – level 1

14-10-2016 07:00 Miniland is in Legoland. It has something new for people. It is a small pumpkin patch. There are 200 pumpkins on the patch. They are...

Google’s First Phone – level 1

13-10-2016 07:00 This news is about technology. Google makes a phone. It is its first phone. Google calls it Pixel. It comes in two sizes. You can...

Legendary Nazi Train – level 1

07-10-2016 07:00 The Nazis have a train. They put expensive things on the train. They put on the train 300 tons of gold, jewels, and art. They drive...

Rocket to Mars – level 1

03-10-2016 07:00 Elon Musk is the boss of SpaceX. SpaceX makes rockets. It wants to go to Mars. It wants to colonise Mars. It is working on a new...

Water on Europa – level 1

29-09-2016 07:00 Jupiter has moons. Europa is one of them. It might support life. NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope finds water on this moon. The water...

Tattoos at Work – level 1

27-09-2016 15:00 A third of young people in Britain have a tattoo. Some employers are worried about tattoos. They think that it is not good for...
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