Problems With Wet Wipes – level 2

Problems With Wet Wipes – level 2

01-11-2016 07:00

Wet wipes have become popular in many homes, and many end up down the loo. This could be a problem because wet wipes combine with fats and oils in the sewers. Together, they form blockages which must be removed.

In Britain, 80% of blockages come from wet wipes and other un-flushable things. People spend eighty-eight million pounds a year to remove these blockages.

Some wet wipes are labelled as flushable, but they really are not. English water companies and charities want all wet wipes to read “do not flush”. If you use wet wipes, it is best to put them in the bin.

Difficult words: sewer (an underground channel which carries away dirty water), blockage (something which blocks something), un- (non, not), flushable (you can flush it – put it in the toilet and let the water carry it away).

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