Twins in Taiwan - level 2

Twins in Taiwan - level 2

28-02-2014 07:00

Hundreds of sets of twins gathered for a convention in Taiwan. The government organized the event.

Some of the twins dressed up in matching costumes, such as pandas and cowboys. Five boys all wore the same yellow clothes, and it seemed that their mother couldn’t identify them. A mother of four-year-old twin sisters didn’t have such problems. The older girl is 15 centimetres taller than the younger one.

But it wasn’t just little twins who attended the convention. A set of elderly twins, a man and a woman in their eighties, also came to the event. They were the oldest twins at the event.

Difficult words: gather (to come together), convention (meeting of people who have something in common), matching (exactly the same), little (young), attend (to go to an event).

You can read the original story and watch the video in the Level 3 section.

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