Accident at Aberfan – Level 2

Accident at Aberfan – Level 2

02-11-2016 07:00

Fifty years ago, a terrible disaster happened in a small village in Wales. An avalanche of coal came down the mountain and covered many places, including a school. There were 240 students at the school at the time.

Two thousand people came to help. They made a human chain and started clearing the rubble. They saved some, but 144 people died.

A week later, a funeral happened for all of the victims, and the Queen of England came to visit on the next day. The people in the town went to court to find out what happened; after that, they created new legislation to keep this from happening again.

Difficult words: avalanche (material which is quickly coming off a mountain), rubble (broken rocks and dirt), legislation (a law or group of laws).

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