World’s Oldest Panda – level 2

World’s Oldest Panda – level 2

21-10-2016 15:00

In 1999, people gave a panda to Hong Kong and she lived at Ocean Park. This year, she was 38 years old. That is around 114 in human years.

The panda became ill which meant that she could not walk well, she slept a lot, and she didn’t eat or drink much. Instead of eating 10 kilograms of food a day, she ate only 3. She was dying. Her owners decided to put her down.

Pandas were endangered for many years. The biggest problem was that people were destroying their natural habitat. Luckily, the situation is getting better for pandas. People are trying to help them.

Difficult words: put down (kill an ill or hurt animal), endangered (seriously at risk of dying out), natural habitat (an animal’s natural home).

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