These cows are hurt - level 3

These cows are hurt - level 3

17-06-2014 15:00

An undercover investigation has revealed the terrible and cruel conditions cows are being subjected to at a dairy farm in Canada.

Workers at the Chilliwack Cattle Company in British Colombia have been caught on camera viciously kicking, punching and beating cows with metal chains, pipes and rakes.

Some of them even hang the animals in order to lift them from the floor.

“Woo hoo!” “Leave her like that. Leave her hanging.”

The cows are also being beaten, with clumps of their hair being ripped out, and bulls are being punched in the testicles.

Animal rights group Mercy for Animals Canada, who filmed this shocking footage last month, say the cows suffer from open wounds and painful injuries without proper veterinary care.

Difficult words: undercover (secret), dairy farm (farm that has cows which produce milk), viciously (cruelly), rake (gardening tool with metal teeth), clump (amount of), testicles (male part of the body below the penis).


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