24-03-2017 07:00

Archaeologists in Egypt find a statue. It...

31-01-2017 15:00

The Falklands War happened in 1982. Argentina...

11-01-2017 07:00

World War I ended in 1918. The...

07-10-2016 07:00

The Nazis have a train. They put...

24-05-2016 15:00

There is a battle in London. It...

03-05-2016 07:00

The 27th of April is a public...

28-04-2016 15:00

William Shakespeare was born in Stratford-upon-Avon. He...

26-04-2016 15:00

Charlie Chaplin is born in London. He...

31-03-2016 07:00

This news is from the Philippines. Eighty...

01-03-2016 15:00

In the USA, people celebrate Black History...

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